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Will - No, I'm talking about everything. Yeah, the wedding. I'm going to be Nick's bestman, you're getting married by my uncle. I don't know. I just think this whole thing is getting out of our control. Gabi - Yeah, let's talk about how this all affects you. I'm sorry this is inconveniencing you. Will - That's not what I meant. I meant, I don't know, maybe we should stop and think. Gabi - What is there to think about? Will - About how this whole thing is turning into one big fat lie.

When I read this, for some reason I cannot fathom, I thought she was being "sweet and innocent" Gabi trying to act like she actually gives a damn about someone other than herself. Now having seen it, I couldn't have been more wrong. After having done EVERYTHING she has asked of him, she actually had the nerve to cop an attitude and act like Will was making this situation all about himself. My dream is for Sonny and Chad to reveal everything about Andrew and the kidnapping to all of Salem and then just stand back and watch Abigail knock the holy crap out of the bitch.
And somehow, let's have Will get custody of his child since he's the only person whose expressed any real interest in the child's well-being, even to the detriment of his own desires.
I don't think that's true at all. I think Gabi and Nick have both expressed interest in the child's well-being. They both believe that this is the best thing for the baby. You may not agree with that belief, but I don't think that makes their honest belief less real.

And I'm not buying Will as the victim in all of this. Yes, Gabi and Nick put the pressure on, but he's a big boy and he could have stood up and said "I'm this baby's father and I'm not going to be shut out of his/her life." Hell, he could still do that. He's choosing not to do so. I understand why, but that doesn't make him a victim of mean old Gabi and Nick.
We'll have to agree to disagree. I think Nick sees the baby as a means by which to control Gabi and force her to be in his life. Gabi might think this is the right thing, but she's also trying for force Will out of his child's life for Nick's sake. Very unsympathetic. They aren't hurting or feeling bad for a moment as far as Will giving up his child, when he's expressed reservations multiple times only to be batted back by pressure and guilt. Will's just an inconvenience to them. Will's expressed concern for Gabi and her feelings from the moment he found out she was pregnant (though he was a jerk immediately after they had sex). Gabi's tried to show concern for Will a few times, only to be shut down by Nick.

Don't get me wrong, Will should stand up for himself and he's wrong not to do so, but everything from random Johnny pronouncements to Sonny saying he doesn't want a family yet is conspiring against him. I believe he doesn't really know what to do or what is right.

And again, I think Blake Berris is doing a great job at making Nick unsympathetic and I think that's part of his skill as an actor.
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