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Dec 13 2012, 10:51 AM
Dec 13 2012, 10:24 AM
I never said Gabi or Will were sympathetic. I simply disagreed that Will was the only person to express any concern for the child. If that was the case, Gabi would have had the abortion. She clearly wants this baby and wants to raise it with Nick. I think part of that motivation is that she believes the child will be better off that way. Yes, Nick is controlling and an asshat. Doesn't mean he doesn't truly believe the child is better off with him and Gabi.

And I don't disagree that they haven't really taken Will's feelings into consideration. They are being short-sighted jerks in many ways. I just don't think that means they don't care about the baby. Not caring about Will's feelings is not the same as not caring about what is best for the baby (in their minds).
Agreed. I can't say that I've seen any more concern for the baby coming from Will than I have from Gabi and/or Nick. If anything, Nick was the one who immediately didn't want Gabi to have the abortion - and he does seem to genuinely want to raise the child. Is he being controlling and borderline creepy? Yes - but I don't think that is what is motivating him as far as the child is concerned.
Just pointing out that not wanting a woman to have an abortion (or that woman choosing not to have one) does not equate to actually caring about the child. There are a lot of people who wouldn't want Gabi or any woman to have an abortion, based on their moral or religious beliefs. That doesn't mean they will actually love that particular child or be concerned about its best interests once it arrives. Will went along with it at first, because he supported Gabi's right to choose and because he was in shock. But it seemed to me that when he tried to stop it, it wasn't on moral grounds, but rather because he really had decided that he wanted the baby to be in his life. I didn't get that from any of the others -- even Gabi. Gabi basically was too scared to go through with it, because the procedure itself is scary and because she was thinking about how she would be judged by the church and by her family. For her -- and for the others, it was a moral equation more than wanting the child itself. Maybe that's a fine distinction for many, but that's how I saw it.

In general, Nick and Gabi come across to me as being caught up in the trappings of marriage and family (getting married in the church, etc.) than about what it really will mean for the baby. They are in some sort of moralistic fantasy world. They barely know each other. They have not a clue about what loving and caring for a baby entails. And Gabi especially seems to be more about pleasing her new-found lover Nick, and about not losing face in front of her family, friends, and the church.

To sum it up, imo, Nick and Gabi's concern about the child seems to be on the level of an abstract moral concept of right and wrong, whereas Will's ruminations and concerns do seem more focused on how the child itself will fare in this world. That's my take, anyway.

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