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Dec 12 2012, 07:14 PM
Dec 12 2012, 11:44 AM
Dec 12 2012, 10:09 AM
I'd actually like to see the next Days villain come from the Horton or Brady family. The "bad seed" angle is interesting to me and adds an additional layer to the story. Still think KM could play a great psycho and with all Abby gone through in the last year (her dad's death, her mom quickly moving on, her friends Gabi and Melanie betraying her), now seems like a old time for her to snap.
I want to see BOTH Will and Abby be villains! CM and KM can pull it off.
The last thing this show needs to do is ruin another Horton. Look at Jenn and how they write Lucas and Nick. There is no Horton now for this town to look upto. This show can't keep running to Alice and Tom. Maggie was setup to be the next patriarch and they've ruined her. She is not even a Horton.

They need to bring home Mickey's children and re-horton maggie. And use Nick or Lucas to brinh back the Horton name. You can't depend on dead characters to carry the essence of good for your show.
Idk when Horton started equalling good. That's not historically accurate overall. Young Hortons aren't going to fill the Tom/Alice void.

And uh...they ruined Maggie being the next patriarch when they gave her a vagina.
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