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This week's issue of Soap Opera Digest has an article about Kristen/Brady/Jennifer.

The mystery surrounding Kristen's real reason for returning to Salem grows more ominous when she wakes Brady from his sleep, claiming she had a bad dream. Pressed by Brady, Kristen admits she's worried what will happen if John finds out about their affair. "Not everything is what it seems with Kristen," explains Eric Martsolf. "It's not just a simple case of Kristen wanting revenge against John."

Kristen confesses that she's afraid John and Marlena will poison Brady against her. Brady calms her by agreeing to keep their affair a secret until they're ready to break the news.

Elsewhere in Salem, Marlena admits to Hope that she has conflicting feelings about Brady's relationship with Kristen. She isn't sure if she should tell John about the affair or keep it a secret. Hope thinks John will learn the truth regardless.

Meanwhile, Jennifer drops by Kristen's room for a surprise visit. "Jennifer and Kristen were really close friends at one time," explains Melissa Reeves. "A lot of things happened in the past, but after giving it some thought, Jennifer decides to visit Kristen and apologize for being so distant with her."

After knocking, Jennifer opens the door to find Kristen and Brady locked in a passionate kiss. Uncomfortable, Jennifer apologizes for interrupting them and makes a hasty exit.

"At first, Kristen is upset that Jennifer saw them together, but then she realizes that maybe it's not the worst thing in the world," explains Eileen Davidson.

Brady runs after Jennifer and asks her to keep quiet about what he saw, after explaining that he has fallen for Kristen and he wants to be with her.

Pick up the latest Digest for details!
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