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This doesn't read like Kate was pimping Daniel in a really ridiculous way. Most people who've survived cancer and are in remission tend to be grateful to their doctors and give them no small amount of credit. Nothing out of the ordinary about that. I'm glad their affair wasn't mentioned. The conversation about Parker was obvious foreshadowing and has me excited for the return of Chloe. I can't complain about the Jenn-Abby exchange because we already know and have known for awhile that Dannifer is going full steam ahead - at least Jack was properly acknowledged and reflected upon by both of them.

Not sure what to make of Sonny/Will. Neither of them have all of the information about Gabi so their conversation reads as being oddly stilted and unfinished. Sonny was displeased with Will for keeping Gabi's secret from him. Though it was (and is) actually Will's secret, in Sonny's mind it was Gabi's secret alone. Had that been the case sharing it with Sonny would have made Will a bad/disloyal friend for blabbing a confidence to his boyfriend that wasn't his to share and I'm not sure why Sonny would expect this type of behavior from his partner - yet he's now keeping Chad's secret and not giving Will all of the information so that he can understand why Sonny's position on Gabi has suddenly changed so dramatically. This doesn't make a lot of sense to me. They have started out on a bad note for two people who profess to be so in love and I'm not sure how they fix this. Rather than communicating they're assuming the worst, talking in riddles and keeping secrets. Such is the nature of soaps, but it really shows how immature their relationship is. Even still, I want so much for these two to work and for their relationship to prevail despite it all. I hope they both grow a lot as a result of this experience and all the struggles it's likely to entail and end up in a good place. As ever, we'll see.

I understand why Rafe is boiling. He's a protective big brother and a surrogate papa bear to Gabi and I empathize with his position. He'll come around eventually, like he always does. I was really concerned about him dragging up the almost-abortion, but now that I see it in context I'm glad it's causing him to reflect on his own behavior. I'm glad Hope continues to be a part of this and act as a skeptical party.

That's all I got for now.
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