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Dec 13 2012, 03:15 PM
Leaving aside the nauseating Daniel pimpage, I'll just say it's pretty clear from reading between the lines that Jennifer never saw Jack's remains in the morgue. Because after viewing a sight like that, I can't imagine how any wife would feel as if her husband had gone away on a long trip.

Looks like the scriptwriter was trying to make Jen-Jen look less fickle and Daniel-obsessed by showing her laughing and crying over the photo album of her and Jack. But I'm still betting that picture of Jack goes into a drawer or is given to Abigail very soon, so precious Daniel doesn't get his ego or feelings hurt by the reminder that Jennifer loved another man before him.

I just can't with the whole Gabi, Will, Nick stuff. All three bore the crap out of me, and so does this storyline.

TFP, Skye and Pat.
Daniel's got issues.

Who hides pictures of their 2 year old grandson because their 50 year old god son (not son, not nephew god son) might get upset. The poor fragile flower - take the bandaid off and he'll get over it.
He gets jealous the moment a woman he is using (not in love with) smiles at another man.
If Jen feels as though she has to hide pictures of her husband and father of her children (yes all of them) as well from the poor Doctor I think we need to look into why he's in such a delicate state.

And that would probably be more interesting than anything they've done with him so far.

Its days like these I wish Chelsea would come back and kick him in the nether regions.
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