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I'm fully expecting that by the end of this story Nick is going to look like one ugly person (and not physically). He's already basically unrecognizable from the person he was previously, which one can generously though not completely unrealistically attribute to the prison experience. Doesn't mean it's not really disappointing though. More plot-driven rather than character-driven writing. I am not totally sold on the idea that prison would have radically reconfigured Nick's entire identity like it seems to have done, though some people have a greater sense of self than others.

And it just doesn't seem smart for him to get mouthy with Will (or anyone else) about homosexuality, either. Nick is the one who desperately wants to claim this child as his own and Will is the reluctant party. Nick should maybe run things through his head a little bit before he says them out loud if he wants to keep this plan on course.
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