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BJ Deveraux
Dec 13 2012, 03:58 PM
You both have a good point but I am entitled to my opinion and I thnk the pimping is out of control. It seems like they dream up new ways to talk about how wonderful he is EVERY damn day. This week: Kayla, Kate, Abby, Nicole not to mention Jennifer CONSTANTLY sings his praises. Can he do no wrong? Be honest people. It's getting out of hand.
And Kate of all people REALLY - she tried to poison Chloe his supposed love of his life (well with Day's we know that doesn't mean much but) and frame him for it. She also tried to kill him by knocking him out and tying him up, when he was looking for evidence of her poisoning and what she used. They haven't been able to stand in the same room before and Kate only married Stefano because he saved her from jail time of Chloe's poisoning. So that whole conversation made no sense unless Kate was showing him the picture to hurt him, not out of being a nice gesture. And if they make KAte Okay with Orangeglow than she should be just as nice to Chloe upon her return thanks to her Kate survived the cancer.

Let's all watch Tom/Sell conveniently forget that.
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