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Dec 13 2012, 04:16 PM
Dec 13 2012, 04:00 PM
Dec 13 2012, 03:47 PM
I hate this show.

Nick uses a gay slur. Because that is in character for him. Because highly educated, brilliant people tend to be religious homophobes. Or because he is short-term so it's okay to trash his character and then toss him out on his ear. This would be a so much more interesting story if Nick were his old nerdy, sincere character rather than the creepy, ex-drug addict, ex-con and someone else were the homophobe (like, oh I don't know, Rafe - the Catholic cop who's sister is carrying a baby and hiding the fact that the father is a gay man, maybe?) I really don't like this trend. I hope if Days goes knocking on any more doors, they have enough sense not to answer.
I think the old, nerdy Nick character was trashed when they had him become addicted to pain pills and obsessed with Melanie, had him kill Trent, and then kidnap Melanie. The guy running around now is far more consistent with the guy who did all that then he would if he were suddenly the old, geeky Nick.

It's already been teased that Nick's issues with homosexuality may be related to his prison stint, so the possibility exists for an explanation. But even if they don't give one, I'm not sure it's completely out of character. I might be out of character for the geeky Nick, but that character died a long time ago. I don't know that it's so out of character for the ex-con, slightly to moderately obsessive guy we have now.
Having Nick's homophobia be related to the prison experience would be interesting. Prison rape is so common that it's (quite wrongly) the subject of a lot of jokes in our society. As much as people bring up the fact that Nick is an ex-con, why not flesh that out? At least these new, unsavory personality traits wouldn't seem so out of left-field, and maybe he could seek help for them (with the support of Hope, Marlena and others) and really heal in the way (at least I) hoped he had done when he was first paroled. Then maybe we'd see some semblance of the Nick we used to like, though obviously he'll never be that innocent ever again. Just a thought. :shrug:
I'd love it if they actually delved that deeply into it, although I'm not really expecting that. And I'm not so sure how much I want the "old" Nick back. I liked him, but I like the darker edges to the character now. I don't like the homophobia but I kind of appreciate that the show decided not to go the stereotypical route with that. It would have been easy to have Caroline or somebody who is "religious" to express that homophobia. But I think there is a bigger lesson by using Nick. Homophobia isn't dependent on religion or age or social status. While it may not be typical for someone of Nick's age or education to be homophobic, it's hardly unheard of - at least where I'm from. Having Nick be homophobic implies that homophobia isn't limited to just certain people and I actually like that.
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