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Dec 13 2012, 04:46 PM
I have a question...didn't Sami find out that Ej was blackmailing Rafe about his sister's thing? Didn't she overhear Chad say what Gabi had done? Didn't she tell him that she could understand why Rafe would protect his sister? Did Sami actually find out what exactly Gabi did?
All Sami knew at the time was that Gabi did something that could have gotten her sent to prison. No one filled her in on the specifics. And the DA makes it sound like she thinks Gabi actually got stalked, so it doesn't look like Rafe ever told her the whole story.

It's interesting how many of these old broads they try to connect to Sami and her situations in fairly obvious ways. I wonder why that is. If Sami's situation is similar, would long term viewers really need that highlighted/explained?

They keep explaining things that happened last week, so I can see them rehashing 1986 for us.
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