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Dec 13 2012, 04:31 PM
This and Brady/Kristen are keeping me tuned in these days. Although, even after reading everyone's posts - I'm confused about the "truth" Sonny learns. The baby? Or Andrew? I thought he knew about Andrew already.

But the story is in a holding pattern until the big wedding blow up and inevitable Wilson break up.
I am kind of interested in the Brady/Kristen thing...I kind of missed some of it early on, and I'm not interested enough to actually go back and watch how it all started. I do like Kristen though. She has injected some much needed personality into this show. But honestly, if Will and/or Sonny are not on I don't actually watch. Maybe I'm in the wrong for not paying attention to the whole show, but I can only tolerate so much Dannifer or Sami/man of the week, so I don't unless I have to. And to the inevitable Wilson break up...I'm hoping that happens before the wedding, and we get some good stuff once the truth comes out.
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