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Loving the show right now. Faison's unmasking (or unmelting) yesterday was soapie genius. Loved Anna/Robert scenes today. Their history, humor, and trust are a beautiful thing to watch. Can't wait to see what Anna found behind the door.

And I really like this surrogacy story. Yes, the puppy is silly. But soaps can be silly sometimes - and it's all in good fun, while also pointing to some deeper anxieties that everyone feels about this process. I just love that this doesn't feel like a retread of a soap story that I've seen a gazillion times. The relationships between Lulu/Dante and friendship between Lulu/Maxie feel very real, deep, and genuine. So they ground the silliness of the puppy. And I LOVE Mac/Maxie scenes. I love all Mac scenes. Now that Steve is going (yeah!) - maybe Mac will be paired with Olivia? I can't help but feel he deserves better than Felicia. And I would like to see Olivia with a good guy who isn't as dull as dirt. Both Mac and Olivia can be comic relief, but they are also capable of doing the heavy drama. Both characters have been single parents, are fiercely loyal, and sexy as hell.

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