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Viewing Single Post From: Sonny Learns the Truth about Gabi!

Nick makes the gay slur at Sonny? At Will? Or both of them?

I'm actually quite enjoying the baby story right now. I love how so may other characters are being drawn in. Sonny finally is getting more of an edge and backbone. Chad is interesting again. I also think it is very soapy how everybody seems to me keeping secrets from the next person. Hard to tell how this truth comes out. But I do get the feeling this turns into a big custody battle of Will and Sonny vs. Nick and Gabi. I think it is being set up with Gabi's concern of Sonny telling Will the truth. Will right now thinks Gabi can do no wrong and doesn't get why Sonny hates her so much. I think Sonny will be very hurt that Will didn't tell him the truth. But I kind of get the feeling now they are setting Nick up to be the homophobe where Sonny will get that things Nick and Gabi were saying got into Will's head.
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