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Dec 13 2012, 10:04 PM
Dec 13 2012, 09:13 PM
I don't mind if they become friends. EJ is the one for her. I still remember when Brady was trying to convince her to leave EJ for him and she said she couldn't because in ej she had found a kindred (his word to Lexi about Nicole) and it was true then it's still is today. EJole were meant to be in their badness that all these so called good people are trying to snuff out.
Much as I love Ejole, EJ has proven time and again that he clearly cannot get over Sami. And Nicole deserves better than to be someone's 2nd choice. This is why I prefer her with Eric at this point. Eric is the one man in town won't choose Sami over her.
I understand how you feel, but I must respectfully disagree. EJ was quite happy with Nicole this past go-around, and was begging her for months to reunite. He had no thoughts of Sami, and honestly he really did know he made a mistake that horrible night with deadbabysex that meant nothing. I think EJ is only trying to get Sami now because he hates being alone, and Nicole will not take him back. He is also angry with Nicole for everything that happened with the baby, and likely her being with Daniel. But I'm pretty confident that EJ still loves her, he just knows she doesn't want him now and is willing to settle for Sami.
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