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Dec 13 2012, 03:46 PM
Most people who've survived cancer and are in remission tend to be grateful to their doctors and give them no small amount of credit. Nothing out of the ordinary about that.
Yes, but most people haven't had their doctors do to them and their families what Daniel has done to Kate and her family (and vice versa). There really is no comparison between these two and "most people."

I was thinking earlier that TomSell must think this is the Year of the Apology for all the apologizing that's been going on, but I'm now leaning toward this being The Year of Being Grateful to Daniel. It's constant. Everyone, even EJ, who was out for blood and revenge at having Daniel cross him for months, suddenly just folded and let it all go because, after all, he was grateful. Plot-driven drivel.

I hate that by overdoing the gratitude and the apologizing -- and by having them so misplaced and misdirected -- the writers are making those two otherwise laudable concepts cringe-worthy on this show.

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