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I may be wrong but I don't think Emblem 3 will be that big. There's only three of them- less variety- they don't seem to dance or play instruments, and they seem like the type that will clash hard with a record label and get dropped. They also drop gems like this quote:

"It sucks because I care about how my image is being portrayed, not only physically, but who I am," he said. "They just use the dumbest most simplest things from everything, but that is a reflection of the people watching the show. Dude, they are not very bright. I'm being real, man."

There's a couple other good ones, like one of them explaining that his big-shot director uncle is gonna get them parts in movies and they should have an HBO show like "Entourage" 'cause they'd be awesome at playing themselves.

Point is,I don't think they're smart enough to be all that successful. Plus I'm not convinced there's a market for the kind of faux-punk Avril Lavigne "rock" they'll probably try to make. Not a huge one, anyway.

Though they could be big in a limited way, like huge for the 8-14 year old girls but totally irrelevant outside of that.

On another note, I'm glad LA Reid is leaving. I think he's a total predator, and it's not cool watching him stalk these kids with dreams of stardom knowing he's looking for someone he can bleed dry.

X-Factor...kind of looking up for me.

Oh, and ITA that Carly should just be "Carly Rose."
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