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Dec 13 2012, 12:31 PM
Dec 12 2012, 03:28 PM
Monday 12/24/12
Will celebrates Christmas Eve with Sonny's family - Justin, Adrienne and Victor = WIN
Brady has high hopes for his relationship with Kristen - Brady is a useless slab of meat.
Sami wonders why Rafe seems withdrawn - Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
The Horton's welcome Gabi into their family - Yuck.
Marlena and Roman give Eric new vestments - I wonder if Creamed Spinach Mouth will present it to him with jazz hands.

Tuesday 12/25/12
Kristen and Brady share a romantic Christmas morning - Zzzzzzzzz Which sucks because I love Kristen.
Sami talks to Eric about her love life - Who hasn't been told about the magical vajayjay?????
Abigail invites Chad to her family's house - I still hate they are saddling KM with Casey Deadweighterick.
Victor plays Santa for the children at the hospital - Random!!! Must be yet another result of Maggie's neutering.

Wednesday 12/26/12
Rafe and Sami talk about their relationship - Ugh.
E.J. and Sami make plans for New Year's Eve - Double ugh.
Rafe and Nicole decide to ring in the new year together - I'm fine with this. I actually find Rafe tolerable with Nicole. As long as they stay just friends. Or even if they do hook up, nothing serious. Please let nicole have some brains around a guy. Any guy.
Jennifer breaks her date with Daniel - Ugh to the inifinitieth power.
E.J. encourages Chad to pursue Abigail - Unless he encourages Chad to get with Abby and eventually spark fly between EJ & Abby...I don't give a rat's ass.
Thursday 12/27/12
John walks in on Brady and Kristen together - Again? lol Is Kristen going to start getting villainous or what? So far all she is is sometimes snarky and always horny lol
Will worries about not being able to know his child - I'm ok with this spoiler.
Daniel and Jennifer go on their date - NO ONE CARES!

Friday 12/28/12
Brady tries to explain his relationship with Kristen to John - That should be a delightful conversation.
Eric gives Gabi and Nick his blessing - Don't care.
Adrienne apologizes for doubting Will - Huge anvil in the WilSon story. Glad to see more Adrienne.

While I don't agree with some of the comments,the post is pretty funny.I did actually LOL.Good work.
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