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Dec 13 2012, 09:17 PM
Okay here's my question. Since Eileen Davidson is back. I have one question why can't we bring back Susan? Clearly Salem is in desperate need of someone as nutty as a fruit cake and Susan is just that person. I mean maybe it would take away from all this Danifer stuff. I know NB is coming back to shake that up. However, when the classic episode aired it just left me wanting more Susan. She could come back to see EJ or something I mean the ideas are limitless. Well should be, but with these writers who knows? Does anyone agree that we should bring back Susan?
While I enjoyed seeing Eileen Davidson play multiple characters years ago, I would prefer to just focus on Kristen now. That's just my opinion, though (and I will fully admit that one of my reasons -- not the only reason, mind you, but one of the reasons -- is that I can't stand E.J. or James Scott, and I don't want to see anything that's going to give him more screen time and more storylines than I'm already being forced to suffer through).

If Days needs a "nuttier than a fruitcake" character (and I'm not convinced that the show does need such a character right now), I'd much rather see Calliope and Eugene return to Salem to fill that requirement.

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