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Dec 14 2012, 05:21 AM
Dec 14 2012, 03:36 AM
Dec 13 2012, 07:10 PM
And to think so many people were hating on Lucas for his treatment of WilSon...
Trust me, this is not even remotely going to redeem Lucas in my mind.

I still don't even buy that he was being sincere when he claimed that he was going to support Will and Sonny's relationship a few weeks ago. If he's still supportive of Will and Sonny's relationship (and doesn't even question Will's sexuality for a single second) after he learns that Will is the father of Gabi's baby, then, and only then, will I maybe start to believe that he's being sincere when he says that he's changed.

(It should be noted that I fully expect him to do just the opposite -- that is, go right back to questioning Will's sexuality and encouraging Will to be with Gabi. If he surprises me, great, but I'm not going to hold my breath while waiting for that to happen. Let's not forget that Lucas was partially responsible for sending Will into Gabi's bed in the first place.)

But I'll still enjoy the fight between Lucas and Jennifer for what it is -- a good, soapy moment where one character is expressing what a lot of viewers have been feeling.

i feel the opposite it will take time me while until any thing in wilson stoyline redeem in my eyes the need to lucas to be sageboat and behave uncharacterize for wilson lame angst[i call it lame because will prove he does not care at all about lucas or what he thinks so the point for lucas having problem if will does not give shit what lucas think and he prove that even before lucas show any problem with it]anything with wilson with only start be redeen in my eyes if the writes do not go the road of lucas go right back to questioning Will's sexuality and encouraging Will to be with Gabi and behave characterize but if the writes go road to trown lucas under the bus and behave uncharacterize and go right back to questioning Will's sexuality and encouraging Will to be with Gabi instead i will start seriously dislike wilson
since both will [sunce chandler masey will since almsot most of will real history treat like never exist i consider as new character] and sonny ate realtive new characters writing wise so whatever road the writers go with them will affect my Opinion on them

lucas is not fault for will sleeping with gabi its will fault and will fault only
its was will fault for thinking low on sonny to move on the next guy

Lucas has been nothing but supportive of Will until the time and will got all upset becuase lucas told to men up and go the jennifer for some reason will seem to think if he is gay he can not be man

the only perosn at time showen no support for will and anti will because will gay was tad while full of people support him
If Lucas was written in character no matter how lucas feels about will being gay lucas would loathe gabby ecspecially after what sami did to lucas over will back in the day while its not exactally the same but will is lucas in this story and i just don't buy that lucas will be all gung ho about gabbie after this or nick for that matter

I do love when lucas calls people out I loved it back when lucas was bad and he got to call austin out on his self righteouness back in the 90's lol
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