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Dec 14 2012, 12:19 PM
While I believe that Jack would want Jen to be happy, I highly doubt he would want her to be happy with Daniel, the man who thought that Jack's year long absence because of being abducted and tortured, entitled him to take Jack's wife for himself. Anyone with the slightest bit of class would have stepped aside, but oh no, not Daniel. His shamless continued attempts to "win" Jennifer from Jack compounded the already considerable traumas he was trying to recover from, and caused him a great deal of additional and unnecessary anguish, so, no, Abigail, I don't think Jack would want Jennifer to be with a man who treated him so callously.

And for the writers to act like they're "honoring" J & J's history when they killed Jack off just to pair Jen with Daniel is just offensive.

They killed off one half of one of the most popular couples in the show's history in order to pair the other half with a relatively new character, with tenous and contrived ties to the show's history, who most viewers actively dislike. And then they scratch their heads and wonder why viewers keep tuning out. Fools.
Daniel did step aside. He realized the situation was untenable and he chose to walk away. And fairly quickly at that. Furthermore, Daniel didn't think that Jack's year long abduction and torture gave him the "right" to Jennifer. Jennifer had already divorced Jack when she and Daniel began their relationship.

Plus Jack was a guy who knew a thing or two about moving on and forgiveness. I don't really think he'd be holding a grudge against Daniel.
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