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The only thing is that the logical union to provide technical people is the IATSE, but their wage rates would probably be as high as, if not higher than, NABET's, so that would probably not result in much cost savings.
IATSE represents different departments though, such as the Carpenters, Electricians, Props and Special Effects. IATSE deals mostly with the construction of the sets at "Days." NABET's role is all the technical work involving the audio, video and lighting.

NABET and IATSE have represented different departments historically, because it appears that Days may be staffed by some "NBC" workers and some "Sony" workers. As the owner of the production facility, NBC employed the technical workers handling audio, video and lighting for Days under the NABET agreement, while Sony, as the production company, probably employed the workers in the other departments. Perhaps that was because technical people like audio and video editors worked on other productions at that facility. Or the division could be a historical remnant stemming from when soaps were produced live.

If NBC no longer owns the facility and is not employing those workers under the NABET agreement, the question now is who employs them. Is it the new owner of the facility who may or may not be a signatory to any union agreements? Or is it Sony, which I don't think is a signatory to the NABET agreement, but could work out a deal with NABET or could turn to the unions with which already has agreements. That is why I mentioned IATSE. The technical work could be performed by IATSE locals that do the same types of work as the laid-off NABET workers. For instance, members of Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians Local 728 of IATSE in Los Angeles could be brought in to handle lighting. That would make some sense since Sony is already signatory to the AMPTP's agreement with Local 728.
I'm not an expert on the unions, but if you check out this page of the IATSE Local 33, which is what "Days" (and I'm guessing other places) use:


and you go down to where a member can list what Crafts/Departments they are involved in...it only mentions stuff like Carpenters/Electricians/Props/Forklift Drivers/Sewing Machine Operators/etc....

So, based on that, it doesn't look like IATSE employs those other departments (audio/video/lighting) at Days or anywhere else.

My dad was a master control engineer at our Nashville ABC affiliate before he died and was part of NABET. Most people in NABET are people that are master control engineers, video tape people, camera people, engineers, lighting, sound, etc.
I don't recall carpenters or forklift operators being with NABET.
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