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Dec 14 2012, 06:33 PM
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I apologize. I meant "fairly quickly" in Days days, not real time. I seem to recall there were like one or two dates per side and then it was done. Nonetheless, I stand corrected.

And, honestly, I don't really care that Daniel wasn't sensitive to poor Jack. Daniel didn't know Jack, wasn't his friend, and didn't owe him anything. Daniel didn't go after Jack, didn't submarine him, didn't play dirty. He did absolutely nothing to Jack. The only person who owed Jack anything was Jennifer.
I think Daniel owed Jack the common decency to step aside when he found out what happened to Jack. Daniel knew that Jack still loved Jennifer, they shared two children together, and Jennifer was "torn" between the two of them, which meant she still had feelings for Jack. A decent guy would not have tried to break up a family. But then Daniel didn't do the decent thing because he's not a decent guy, no matter how many people in Salem have forgotten the slimy things he has done.
Just because you are a Dr and "save lives" that doesn't automatically mean you are a great guy.
Plenty of doctors who save lots of lives are raging assholes. And saving lives is Daniel's job, anyway. Doing your job doesn't mean you have awesome character. It means you are doing your job. Plus, Daniel regularly violates the ethics of his profession in, oh let me count the ways.

I don't even hate Daniel as much as others. But I hate that he's around and Jack isn't. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb producers.
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