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Dec 14 2012, 06:43 PM
I am sick of DAYS...and have finally quit the show...I can't stomach it anymore...not even Kristen is holding my interest sadly.

My level of apathy towards DAYS has never been higher than it is now....and not to toot my own horn...but I was a FIRECE and LOYAL DAYS fan for years...watching almost everyone I know slowly give up on the show out of sheer boredom...

I no longer can support DAYS and no longer do I care about its survival...I have lost all hope that I can enjoy this once great soap ever again.

It is clear to me that the direction the current writers and producers want to move and drive this soap is NOT anywhere NEAR where I want to see it going.

So I'm done.
clapping because you have stated exactly why I've ditched Days as well Mitch :hail: :applause:
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