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Sami and Rafe go on a NYE date with EJ and Nicole.
John and Marlena try to rescue Brady from Kristenís clutches.
Sami runs into Rafe and bursts into tears.
John and Brady are hospitalized.
Kate warns EJ about Sami.
Gabi approaches Sonny with a NYE truce

Monday- NYE episode, with lots of romance and lots of kisses!
Wednesday- Brady and John really get into it over Kristen.

NEW 12/21

Monday 12/31/12
Brady tries to explain his relationship with Kristen to John; Eric gives Gabi and Nick his blessing; Adrienne apologizes for doubting Will.

Tuesday 1/1/13
Kristen reveals her plot to John; Brady asks Marlena if she will ever accept Kristen; Nicole feigns drunkenness to draw E.J. from Sami; Jennifer and Daniel share a romantic moment.

Wednesday 1/2/13
John and Marlena try to get Brady away from Kristen; E.J. surprises Sami with a dinner; Gabi seeks a truce with Sonny.

Thursday 1/3/13
Sami lashes out at Kristen; Rafe tells Nicole he thinks things will work out with Sami; Eric chooses not to talk to Nicole about his family problems.

Friday 1/4/13
Marlena warns Brady away from Kristen; Rafe promises Sami they will be together; Abigail expresses concerns about going out with Chad; Chloe shows up at Daniel's place.

Monday ("The Truth Comes Out")
Brady shares his feelings about Kristen to John; Adrienne apologizes to Kate for talking ill of Will.

Tuesday ("Fight)
Brady tries to defend Kristen to John and Marlena; Gabi wants to make amends with Sonny.

Wednesday ("New Year's Eve")
John questions Kristen about her feelings for Brady; Chad and Abigail grow closer.

Thursday ("The Affair")
John and Brady's fight leads to devastating consequences; Rafe confides in Nicole about his hope for the future with Sami.

Friday ("Marlena's Warning")
Marlena issues a stern warning to Brady; Daniel gets a surprise visitor on his doorstep.
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