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Dec 6 2011, 02:33 AM
Amazing episode tonight..That explosion scene was so badass and really well done...And really graphic..I swear Homeland, Revenge and American Horror story duke it out every week for my favorite new show..This has been such a strong season for new dramas..
You posted this a little over a year ago, and, I'm replying to it now. LOL.

The suicide bomb suitcase scene was the most flawlessly executed sequence I have ever watched on television. It was PERFECT!! The buildup to the bomb going off was so intense & everything just came together so seamlessly. I was just in awe. Favorite TV scene ever.

I reached the end of season one right now and I can't wait to start watching Season 2 after I get some sleep. I think I'm going to watch it all later today because I'm so eager to catch up & see what ends up happening.

Some moments I'll never forget. The "I suck cock, and I love it! Yummy yummy yummy yummy" line from Al Zahrani. Oh...MG :lol:

Brody & Jessica's first night together since he got back. That was freaking deep.

The scene where Lynn Reed (played by the fantastic Brianna Brown) was killed in the parking lot. I seriously did not see that sh!t coming. I was DEVASTATED!

The aftermath of the drone attack when Brody was going through the wreckage trying to find Issa.

Walker trying to shoot the Vice President. Just that little moment where the camera was focused on him aiming the gun and there was this subtle ringing sound playing lowly in the background then suddenly everything went silent; My heart was pounding SO freaking hard & then BOOM! Liz Gaines gets assassinated instead & all hell breaks loose.

And ofcourse the holding room scene, post Brody fixing his bomb vest. Everything about that moment was breathtaking.

I stopped reading through the thread once talk of season 2 commenced. I need to be surprised, I'm sure it was great ;-) can't wait to be all caught up!
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