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So how many days/weeks are we going to get of John being pissed off at Marlena for not telling him about Bristen? Because I have zero desire in seeing that. He needs to take a good, hard look in the mirror before he starts casting stones Marlena's way. I remember him putting a tracking devise in Marlena's purse against her knowledge, I remember him breaking into people's homes to illegally get information, I remember him hiding the truth about subsex for a little while, and I remember him not believing Marlena when she said Brady was threatening her with violence, causing her to have to temporarily move out to protect herself. During none of these incidents do I remember Marlena getting on her high horse and raking John over the coals.

Marlena is damned if she does, and damned if she doesn't. If she relayed her fears to John, he would accuse her of being paranoid about "poor Kristen " and if she didn't tell him, she would be accused of hiding something from him. She can't win in John's eyes no matter what she does, so I have NO interest in him acting like an ass towards her when the truth comes out.

If John wants to act like an ass towards people who deserve it - namely Kristen and Stefano - I'll enjoy that. However if he gets on his high horse towards Marlena, he can forget it. I haven't had much sympathy for him since Kristen came back to town, but if he starts getting pissy at Marlena, then he needs to get over himself.
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