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Watching some 1989 and, although I haven't seen enough to totally judge, the woman who played April doesn't seem to be able to act. I will say she has some chemistry with Nick. Watching some of this I can see why he stayed around as long as he did. The actor is very, very good.

It looked like they were setting Jack up as the interloper between Emilio and Jennifer. I wonder when they decided to just go with Jennifer and Jack.

She and Jack really did have effortless chemistry here (although her hair being flat-ironed to an inch of its life is distracting).

I wish they'd let Kimberly have a few happy stories. The whole thing with Shane's death and Cal hovering, it's so depressing. Then Eve tells her she's the reason Shane died. At least the avoided the cliche fake slap scene.

Were Kim and Calliope close friends?
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