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Viewing Single Post From: Lucas Catches Jennifer Kissing Daniel
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Dec 15 2012, 05:57 PM
I don't think I've loathed two DAYS characters more than Jennifer & Dr I Bang My Female Patients - that's during all my years of watching this show.
Heck, Rafe is even better than Daniel, and I find Rafe insufferably bad usually LOL
What's really laughable is the attempt by these writers to turn Daniel in Dr Tom Horton Mark 2 - frankly that's an insult to the memory of McDonald Carey. :rolleyes:
Thank fucking goodness for Lucas, he's saying what a lot of us would like to tell Ms Horton Devereux right now, that she's a tramp and she obviously never really loved Jack that much.
I'm really not much of a hater. I've always been pretty zen. I figure if a couple is featured, someone must like them or they will go away. The writers try things that work, they try things that fail. Angst means storyline for the couples and characters I like, even if I don't like how it manifests. Long ago, I came to terms with the fact that the writers were never going to settle on a Sami pairing, likely because of behind the scenes wrangling.

I can't think of a couple I've actively disliked as much as I dislike Jennifer and Daniel.

I truly do think Brady and Madison had more potential and got botched because they were rushed into insta love. Poor SJB, who worked her ass off when given nearly nothing by the writers, gets fired. Matt Ashford, who is a legend on the show, gets fired.

Truly? You got rid of them to give us Daniel and Jennifer? I think they may be the worst pairing in the history of the show. And that's a field that includes Shane/Kayla and EJ/Taylor.
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