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Dec 13 2012, 04:16 AM
So I was watching a moment where Faith confesses her love to Marcus, and...wow, they had good chemistry. I mean, intense, really strong chemistry. And then he basically had to respond in a way which was "I love you but not in that way," but felt like, "That's not going to happen, no way the show will put me with a white woman." :(
It could be that the show was still gun-shy about an interracial relationship after the controversy over Valerie/David a decade earlier, but I think the main obstacle to Marcus and Faith was that she was supposed to be extremely young and immature. Her "love" for Marcus was really more like a teenage crush. Maybe that isn't apparent from just a few scenes, but coming after the entire revival camp storyline, the age and maturity difference would have made an actual relationship between Marcus and Faith seem rather squicky to me.

(I will add that I didn't really see much chemistry. Melinda Clarke was not much of an actress at the time time and didn't really work as the naive, virginal Faith. And Richard Biggs, who I liked a lot as Marcus and in other roles, just never seemed to have chemistry with anyone.)
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