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Dec 15 2012, 04:14 PM
I wish they'd let Kimberly have a few happy stories. The whole thing with Shane's death and Cal hovering, it's so depressing. Then Eve tells her she's the reason Shane died. At least the avoided the cliche fake slap scene.

Were Kim and Calliope close friends?
Kim falling for Cal was really horrible. He was so stalker-ish that I never understood how Kim could be deceived like that. On the other hand, I did like the Shane's death storyline for a few reasons. First, it was nice to get Shane out of Salem for a while. He had been stuck in a bunch of dull domestic storylines since 1987 while Steve and RoJohn were playing the action heroes. So the amnesiac "Sam" was kind of fun to see (though a little less of Rebecca's whining would have improved the storyline a lot). Second, I thought Patsy Pease and Charlotte Ross played the immediate aftermath of Shane's death incredibly well. That was some of their best work. Third, the initial amnesia storyline when Shane returns to Salem is great. It just goes off the rails toward the end and winds up not making sense, most likely because the writers had to rewrite the storyline when Patsy Pease refused to play the intended storyline in 1990. Instead, the conclusion seems rushed so that Shane and Kim can reunite just before Patsy is replaced.

I do agree that the show really did go overboard in giving Shane and Kim depressing stories. I suspect TPTB liked when Patsy played up the heavy emotional scenes, but it did seem to get to the point that any sign of them being happy meant another traumatic event was just around the corner.
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