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Dec 13 2012, 07:20 PM
Dec 13 2012, 04:16 PM
This story isn't all that interesting to me. :shrug:
I couldnt tell you the first thing about this storyline. Im sorry but Vaughn is not what I expected Eric to be. He and Nicole seem to be a pretty good lookin couple. But what is she gonna do? Try and take a man of the cloth away from the church? Nicole may need to stick with getting Ej but this is just an opinion.
The decision to have Eric return as a priest was STUPID. Why have a good looking thirtysomething come to town as a priest.Especially if the intent is to pair him with Nicole and have Nicole be really happy for any signifcant period of time.I cannot see happiness on the horizon for Nicole in this situation unless there is more to the story and Eric turns out not to be a priest.I can already hear Sami,Jennifer,Hope,Maggie ,and the rest of Salem blathering on about how Nicole,the no good tramp, ruined Eric's life.As a fan of the character,I personally see nothing good on the horizon for Nicole and Eric.
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