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Dec 16 2012, 12:35 PM
I can't believe that Rafe is considered as a "better" person than EJ. He is guilt tripping anyone that does not do as he wants things. They way he is guilt tripping Sami is disgusting ,.. accordingly to my view.
Let us not forget his creepy, controlling interest in his baby sister's reproductive choices. He frigging used his police badge to bust into an abortion clinic to stop his sister from getting an abortion (something he should have be fired from the force for doing, and could very well have gotten him shot by security).

Brothers can be interested in their sisters' lives. They just shouldn't be able to control their little sisters' lives and choices. Rafe hasn't come off as caring, but as furious that he's not the one making Gabi's choices for her.

The writing for the character, whom I assume the writers want us to like, is bewildering. EJ is supposed to be a villain, and he does villainous things so it's not really fair to compare the two, but Rafe does a lot of un-heroic things.
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