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Dec 16 2012, 10:09 AM
Dec 16 2012, 09:39 AM
SC seems like a nice guy, but I truly wonder why Daniel has been given so many chances when Taylor, Arianna and Madison were all gotten rid of relatively quickly. I know some male characters have been gotten rid of quickly, too, but I just wonder why the writers are so invested in Daniel and seem so desperate to make him a major character.
I also wonder about that too.They brought back characters to increase rating.It was so weird they would get rid of Jack when so many fans were happy he was back,had a great story,and some fans were already having problems with Daniel.It would have been better to keep Jack with Jennifer and pair Daniel with someone else,Billie or someone else.I actually would not have minded if they had Daniel immediately refer Nicole to another doctor,played the role given to Rafe in the hide the baby story,then fall in love with Nicole.I just hated it that he had sex with her for the first time on the desk with her after she was visibly pregnant then dumped her.It's like they want to keep Daniel but don't know how to write the character so he is likeable or less hated by a significant number of fans.
I think SC himself said that the problem with his character was that every set of writers have a different vision of what Daniel is like. The character itself has never been truly defined. MarDar were happy to have him be the playboy doctor hence the Dicole desk sex. Tomlin is determined to make him the new Tom so it's Dr Perfect who needs the Horton princess at his side hence the decision to kill off Jack. If Tomlin stays I think Dan as Salem's saviour will continue but if we have a new writing regime (please, please, please) Dan's character will change again.
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