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It is very strange. They've gotten rid of some very good actors yet for some reason SC silll remains. Taylor, Madison, and Arianna didn't quite work in the storylines they were in, but the characters could have been salvaged it they had been given chances in other stories/pairings. Plus they are females in their early thirties which the show desperately needs more of. For example. Madison and EJ might have been an interesting couple. Also Jack was already very popular and has a long history on the show. Yet these actors/characters were all dumped while Daniel keeps getting frontburner stories. I don't mind the character of Daniel. I just hate how everyone in Salem keeps pushing him as the greatest thing since sliced bread. That is not at all what we have seen of the character onscreen. I've never liked Jennifer though I can see how others did. But Jennifer has been damn near ruined ever since she was paired with Daniel. I'd love to know what the producers and writers see in this couple that I don't see. Right now I really want to see Daniel cheat with Chloe after she returns. Maybe that will end this absurd pairing once and for all.
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