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Viewing Single Post From: Sonny Learns the Truth about Gabi!

Queen B
Dec 16 2012, 11:52 PM
So this is what it has come to in the DOOL section now. your absolutely right, no one cares anymore and we've all seemed to lost hope after waiting and waiting for change.

This article is shit, just like all the others. Marlena, John and Lucas etc are all now supporting characters for these half ass written teens? They continue to fail in all aspects. I know their trying to make the show focus more on the younger set but no one gives a fuck about this little Gabi slut. she's the new Melanie..
Re: the bolded...on the contrary, this thread clearly shows that some of us do care about this storyline. Personally, it's the storyline that I'm most interested in (with Kristen's storyline being the second-most interesting one for me).

John and Marlena aren't supporting players in this storyline -- they have their own storyline going on with Kristen.
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