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Dec 17 2012, 03:40 AM
OMG. NO! Just...NO!

I didn't like that ending at ALL! It was preposterous! I would've rather it been revealed Brody was still a terrorist & he weaseled his way into escaping after the explosion. Thank GOD Carrie ended up not going on the run with him; All while they were on their way to the boarder I kept thinking "Omg, I cannot watch a season 3 w/them on the run together." I think that would've just been a complete disaster.

I mean...seriously though. I just think this is all wrong. My mouth dropped when Brody's suicide tape showed up on the news. The f*ck?!

I think I have to watch it again. I was a little confused w/Saul. Were we to believe he was behind this or is that still unknown?
How can you be 100% sure that Brody did not plan the whole thing? We never got to see the whole encounter of when Abu Naazier kidnapped him and what transpired - only a part of it - Naazier could have filled him in on all the parts of the plan, convinced Brody to partake in it and Brody used that CIA twit Carrie to inadvertently help. Roya was just a decoy in any outcome - kinda brutal that.

About Saul, he was saying Kadish, the jewish prayer recited by mourners. It was in Aramaic/Hebrew, not arabic. If he is the mole, that was not a clue to reveal it.

Anyway I thought the finale was good. I even felt sorry for Dana, which I never do lol.

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