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I was a little confused w/Saul. Were we to believe he was behind this...?
I don't think so but I wouldn't be surprised if he was. It's a little too convenient how everything worked out so perfectly for him. Not only is he finally rid of Walden and Estes, but he managed to keep Brody alive (a cause he fought a little too hard for) and he's now the top ranking official in the CIA. It definitely makes him look suspicious.
My mouth dropped when Brody's suicide tape showed up on the news. The f*ck?!
Speaking of which, wasn't Saul the only one who had that tape before it was leaked to the media? I'm sure copies were made, but I can't imagine that anyone other than top ranking officials (like Saul and Estes) would've had them. I bet Saul leaked the tape to frame Brody and that's why he fought so hard to keep him alive. You can't frame a dead man.
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