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Some more thoughts.

Even though I hated the last episode, overall I thought it was another spectacular season for the show. I loved it more on the front end. My favorite scene was from the first episode when Carrie was trying to escape from the Lebanese policeman that was following her. That was freaking intense. A close second would be the scene where Carrie was running from those Lebanese guys after she fearlessly rummaged through that apartment...I was out of breath by the end of that scene! LOL.

I had to take a small break from the show after the episode where Brody killed the tailor

I think Carrie/Brody are really sweet together but I think its soo much better when Carrie hates him. I really hope that somehow happens next season.

When Carrie & the FBI guy found that secret hidden room in the tunnels I found it unbelievable that no one was around for backup. Where were all the searching guys when Carrie was running for her life, screaming when Nazier was after her?! They ending up popping around just at the right time which I guess added to the drama but that was soo unrealistic!

There are only a few characters I can't stand. For one: Dana. That little girl grinds my nerves. I found myself not being able to wait for her to get off my screen! The Actress plays her in a really annoying way.

Estes. If there was anyone I'd wanted to see get blown up by a terrorist on the show more, it was him. And he did! Seriously WHAT a prick. All he had to say to Carrie after she found & defeated Nazir was "Good work?" Bitch should've been down on his knees thanking her & saying sorry a million times! I hated how he belittled & humiliated her any chance he got.

Quinn. Smug bastard w/no likable qualities except his ass.
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