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Dec 17 2012, 03:40 AM
How can you be 100% sure that Brody did not plan the whole thing? We never got to see the whole encounter of when Abu Naazier kidnapped him and what transpired - only a part of it - Naazier could have filled him in on all the parts of the plan, convinced Brody to partake in it and Brody used that CIA twit Carrie to inadvertently help. Roya was just a decoy in any outcome - kinda brutal that.

About Saul, he was saying Kadish, the jewish prayer recited by mourners. It was in Aramaic/Hebrew, not arabic. If he is the mole, that was not a clue to reveal it.

Anyway I thought the finale was good. I even felt sorry for Dana, which I never do lol.
Hey that totally escaped my mind. I was suspicious when Brody lied to Carrie that nothing else happened while he was kidnapped by Nazier (when something so totally did: we saw a flashback of them praying together). I hope your right and something more went on. It would be perfect if that was referenced back to at the beginning of next season. I really need it to be revealed that Brody duped Carrie again and he's still on the dark side. LOL.

Dec 17 2012, 03:40 AM
I don't think so but I wouldn't be surprised if he was. It's a little too convenient how everything worked out so perfectly for him. Not only is he finally rid of Walden and Estes, but he managed to keep Brody alive (a cause he fought a little too hard for) and he's now the top ranking official in the CIA. It definitely makes him look suspicious.

Speaking of which, wasn't Saul the only one who had that tape before it was leaked to the media? I'm sure copies were made, but I can't imagine that anyone other than top ranking officials (like Saul and Estes) would've had them. I bet Saul leaked the tape to frame Brody and that's why he fought so hard to keep him alive. You can't frame a dead man.

Good god! You bring up way too many good points. I thought that about Saul as well (about the suicide tape).
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