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It was a decent finale but nothing to write home about.

I'm a little pissed the Hannah story wasn't resolved because I've disliked that character from the start and I really just want her gone, but whatever.

The interrogation scene with Deb and LaGuerta was good. The way Jennifer Carpenter played it I really thought Deb was going to break and confess everything. I'm surprised she didn't.

I hated Deb shooting LaGuerta. Jennifer Carpenter gave the performance of her career in that scene and I hope she wins every award she possibly can for it, but that was a really disappointing way to end the season. Killing LaGuerta not only makes her story arc this season seem like a complete waste of time, but it waters down the eventual reveal of Dexter as the BHB since everyone pretty much knows about it already.

The last scene with Deb and Dexter walking into the party was dumb. Wouldn't her dress be covered in blood? We just saw her flung across LaGuerta's body. Why is she not all bloody?
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