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I've been enjoying this storyline so far, surprisingly. I didn't like that they were going this route in the beginning, but I'm invested now. Like others have said, it's not your typical questioned paternity storyline. And it's not your typical soap opera generic gay love story either.

As for this part of the story, I'm glad to see Lucas involved. I'm glad John and Marlena get involved as well. Especially Marlena. I just love her being used as a "core" in town. The way she should be. Fuck Maggie. If they aren't going to use Julie, Marlena should be the town's next Alice Horton.

As for Nick's homophobia, I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Just because he's an educated man, doesn't mean he can't think homosexuality is wrong. We may not have seen anything regarding his views on the issue when he was on the show from 2006 until 2009, but then again, there were no gay characters on the show at that point. The issue NEVER came up. Why would we have any idea how Nick felt if there was nothing for him to feel a way about? We wouldn't.

Nothing had to happen to Nick in order to make him uncomfortable around gay people. It doesn't happen that way in real life, and it doesn't have to happen on the show. It could just be an opinion Nick has always had since his upbringing back in Ohio with Marie, Jessica and Joshua. I don't understand why fans are having such an issue with the idea.
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