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Viewing Single Post From: Lucas Catches Jennifer Kissing Daniel

Dec 17 2012, 12:52 PM
Dec 16 2012, 06:43 PM
Interesting about the SID quote from MR. I suppose that her statement is technically true. It is possible for a person to have another love -- and maybe even a "great love" -- in the second half of their life. The problem is that we have seen no great love between Jennifer and Daniel. I've seen a lot of things -- from affection to obsession -- but nothing even close to a great love. The show, the writers, and the actors can tell us all day long that there is a great love there, but until they SHOW us, they are just whistling in the wind.

There can be no great love when both people spend all their time up on pedestals being admired and fawned over by the other -- and when their flaws are glaringly apparent to the audience but not to themselves or each other. It's not real. It's not romantic. And it's definitely not entertaining.

Adding to your excellent post, it's also hard to buy that Daniel even knows how to love. How many great loves has he had in the last few years? First he looooved Chelsea, then Kate, then Chloe, Jennifer, Nicole, then Jennifer again. The man has proclaimed his "love" to 5 different women over the last 4 years. At this point any claims of love from him come across as shallow and self-serving.

And I never saw Jennifer fall in love with him the first time around and I sure as hell didn't see it this time. A few dates and sex do not equal love. They were rushed together both times with no build up and no substance. I saw Jennifer fall in love with Jack. It was gradiual and beautiful. With Daniel, I saw an obsession. Nothing more.
I can see the rationale for revisiting a pairing if it was wildly successful the first time around. But I think it's stretching it to describe Dannifer 1.0 as anything more than mildly successful at best. Certainly I saw nothing to warrant reuniting them with offensively inappropriate speed after Jack's sudden death and under the most contrived of circumstances. To me, they lack everything that makes a rootable couple: substance, chemistry, depth, and emotional honesty, by which I mean the ability to admit and acknowledge faults and love each other anyway. Jack always made damned sure that Jennifer saw his flaws, that she knew what she was getting in him. And during their first run, he wasn't reluctant to see and acknowledge her imperfections either.

At their absolute best, Jennifer was Jack's partner and he was hers. Daniel is her idol, which is why their relationship seems at once unequal, superficial, and ultimately unhealthy.
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