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Viewing Single Post From: Sonny Learns the Truth about Gabi!
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Streetcorner Philosopher

Dec 17 2012, 01:23 PM
Nothing had to happen to Nick in order to make him uncomfortable around gay people. It doesn't happen that way in real life, and it doesn't have to happen on the show. It could just be an opinion Nick has always had since his upbringing back in Ohio with Marie, Jessica and Joshua. I don't understand why fans are having such an issue with the idea.
That's a great point. The other thing that keeps coming to mind for me is that for some people- they can be OK with the idea of something, but when they have to interact with it a different picture emerges. I think it'd be much more interesting if they went that route with Nick and his feelings about homosexuality. Sometimes nothing happens to you to bring out prejudice, you just have a different side of yourself than you might know (or consciously acknowledge).
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