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Best fucking show ever. Season 1 was just perfection. But season 2 managed to top that and was just incredible. Never in a million years would I have believed so much would of transpired this season. This show really does know how to shock you.

As for the finale, I absolutely loved it. I'm at work right now and all I can think about is the finale. That's evidence of a spectacular season finale. I watched with a friend and the first half of the episode we were wondering when all hell would break loose and what would happen? When Brody noticed his car had been moved and the explosion took place we both jumped. We had our hands over our mouth the rest of the episode. I loved that Carrie suspected Brody at first. It would of been absolutely stupid for her not to..I really want to believe Brody is innocent. But like others have said we didn't see all that took place the night Nazir took him. The scene of them praying together was pretty telling.

Most devastating for me was the Dana scenes. I think the actress that plays her is phenomenal. That first scene were Brody confessed to her was fantastic. And then to watch the confession video on the news after the explosion was just heartbreaking.

Other thoughts- they definitely made Saul look a little guilty. He conveniently wasn't at the memorial, he choose to go to Nazir's burial, he was fighting to keep Brody alive (when he doesn't care for the guy), he failed his first lie detector test, he had access to the confession tape, he let the terrorist girl kill herself in the prison, and he had a lot to gain with Estes out of the way. I still don't think it's him though. He seems so good hearted and he cares about Carrie too much to put her in harm.

Fantastic season and can't wait to see how the show shocks us next year. I think it's brilliant that season 1 was all about Carrie being the only one to believe Brody was guilty and no would would believe her. Now season 3 it will be reverse. She'll be trying to prove his innocence, when everyone else assumes he's guilty. Also, I expect Quinn to play a big role in hunting Brody down next season. He will feel guilt for not killing Brody when he had the chance.
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