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Queen B
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Spencer Hastings
Dec 17 2012, 05:06 PM
I also don't think the show needs a reason for Nick to be homophobic. Isn't Salem supposed to be set in the middle of America? Sometimes people here don't need a reason to be homophobic or racist or misogynistic--they just are. I think that's more true to reality than slapping a random reason on it.
People are racist/homophobic for a reason, even if they were just taught to be that way. This is 2012 and the show should give the viewers an explanation as to what his insecurities stem from, because that's what he is - insecure.

If they continue to write Nick as a homophobic ass then no one will like the character anymore, and people need to be able to sympathize with every character on some level or else they will start to tune out
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