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Dec 17 2012, 05:12 PM
Just when I think the Dannifer pimping can't get any more nauseatingly bad, I'm proved wrong. :soapbox:
Jennifer, you tramp, you're welcome to Dr I Bang My Female Patients, you were never worthy of Jack's love, and it's insulting to Jack's memory that you'd think for an instant that he'd approve of Daniel taking over from him as Jen's husband & Abby's father.
What's next? Jack Jnr comes to Salem, and joins the "Daniel Worship" cheerleading team?
This "Jack would have wanted her to move on" chorus really gets on my nerves. Jack never felt he was good enough for Jen but that's not the same as him wanting her to move on from him at lightning speed. While it's true he tried to set her up with Brian, this was because she was pregnant and he wanted someone to look after her and Frankie because he wanted to protect Jen from Patrick. In this case Jen is supposed to be a stable (?), middle-aged woman with no young children to care for. I think he would be very hurt at how quickly Jen and Abby have joined the Tan bandwagon, especially given the circumstances of his death.
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