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Viewing Single Post From: Monday, December 17th Daily Discussion
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I always love Hope and Rafe scenes. I enjoy their friendship, and I hope it continues to be shown. I always like Rafe turning to Hope (and Bo when he was on the show) for guidance. And then I also always enjoyed them working together. Since Bo's no longer going to be seen, Hope is going to need a new partner at work. I hope Rafe is that replacement.

I liked the little hint of a controlling side when it comes to Sonny that we got today. I want to see Sonny starting to embrace his Kiriakis roots. Hell, he has controlling genes on both sides of the family if you take Grandpa Duke Johnson into consideration.

Oh that's right, Kate is a cancer survivor. Nice recall. It's nice to see the warm side of Kate every now and then. She doesn't have to be cold all the time. I didn't see anything regarding Kate's scenes with Daniel as pimping him. Definitely entering the next phase of the story with the mention of Chloe and Philip not being together. Subtlety isn't really Tomlin/Whitesell's thing.

It was nice seeing Jennifer reflect on her life with Jack while looking at the photo album. I would've liked some flashbacks, but whatever. Closing the book and placing it in the drawer was definitely an indication that Jennifer is ready to move on with her life. Jack's been gone for four months now. Too soon in real life. Maybe even too soon in soap opera life, but I've seen a lot worse.
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Monday, December 17th Daily Discussion · DAYS: News, Spoilers & Discussion