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Dec 17 2012, 07:29 PM
Dec 17 2012, 06:35 PM
Dec 17 2012, 06:29 PM
Tyler! :wow: But I had to laugh @ the dialogue thou, it reminded me so much of Shemar Moore's Malcolm. I still say Neil to up in age for Leslie however KSJ body is so well defined I won't have an issue when there intimate scenes come into play.

I LOVE NOAH I LOVE NOAH I LOVE NOAH Robert Adamson has really taken this role and made it his own.

Jack's assistant Mason Wilder.Humm not sure about the actor however... Well let me say this I think they are directing the character to show a timid/indecisive demeanor so I'll see what happens in the coming weeks.. I LMAO @ Victor scarring the bejeezusoutta of him.
I had such an issue with Neil and Sofia due to their age gap. The age difference between Conwell and Mitchell is only two years, Conwell being the older of the two. But there's something about Conwell playing Leslie that makes her seem much older. So I'm able to buy Neil and Leslie more than I could ever buy Neil and Sofia.

I agree about Adamson playing Noah. My love for Schmidt made me hesitant at first, but I've totally accepted the recast at this point.

It might be intentional, it might not be, but the similarities between Tyler and Mason, and Malcolm and Neil are so obvious.
me 3 on Robert Adamson :wub: :wub:
That other kid playing Noah really annoyed me and when his reaction to Sharon's 'death' in 2011 was beyond awful.

I like Mason a lot so far, even though he hasn't been saying much. Tyler, I think I have to warm up to him because right now it seems like the actor may be trying too hard but we'll see..

Leslie is smoking hot and I absolutely believe Neil would be attracted to her on many different levels. I never understood why Neil would be attracted to Sofia or Harmony.. just no.
I jumped on board the Adamson train right off the bat too! I never liked KS. He did not come across as Noah to me. RA has chem with is entire family.

I think I'm the opposite, I really got into Tyler but not sure about Mason. Maybe its the actor that is stiff and tentative. I hope he improves in time cuz if he has to do scenes with EB and PB, he better step up to the plate!
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