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Queen B
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Dec 17 2012, 06:57 PM
Queen B
Dec 17 2012, 10:48 AM
I fucking loved Liz, I was pissed when they let her go. I always loved Eve but I loved their rivalry as sisters and thought it was well written. I hated that Liz was trying to steal T.C away from Eve but I also felt she had a legit reason to hate her sister.

LOL I loved Liz and still love actress Amelia Marshall. She needs to be scooped up by another soap ASAP. Liz and Eve had so many good catfights. I remember one episode where Liz and Eve slapped each other like five times in one episode haha. So over the top, and so Passions :laugh:
I go through my phases where I stumble upon a clip on youtube and end up getting sucked in again. The show was so ridiculous and terrible but I know it was done on purpose lol, JER had quite the imagination.

Someone posted this clip on SON and I died laughing.

Theresa was so over the top! I remember being younger and being a fan of Ethan/Theresa but now watching these old episodes I think Theresa was probably the most disgusting female on the show and they should of made Gwen more human. I couldn't help but feel bad for her when she lost Sarah in L.A and then lost the baby Theresa was carrying. I was sad when Gwen lost Jane as well near the end. Theresa's actions all seemed to be justified because her and Ethan were 'meant to be together'. Psh!
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