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none of main cast make sense as gossip girl every one at least few things that happen that they could not be gossip girl even some help them
i suspect in dan the in beginning of show but that why during i notice everything he did to notive he does not make sense after stuff happen that is gossip girl even some help
despite of the characters jenny and dan are one the most cable and smart to pull off as gossip girl
the writers really try to ruin dan and dair this season in order to show chuck better fit but instead they ruin derena since last season finale which until that point were bit sweet and boring even when they not couple they writers were so busy to trying prove dan and blair are not fit they ruin dan and serena too and they did not even to try to bulid them up blair say to dan she want nothing to do with him and next episode he hook with serena they treat serena like rebound

and with dan being gossip girl not sure what it say about derena if dan did not stop being gossip girl when he was dating serena while when date blair he did stop
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